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Natural Diamond Cut Sphatik (Rhinestone Crystal) Mala

Sphatik Mala for Prosperity, Peace and Good Health.
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Diamond Cut Sphatik Mala

Sphatik Mala is made of  Rhinestone also known as Crystal Stone. It helps in reducing body temperature. Calms and cool mind, brings down high blood pressure. It also brings prosperity as it is Mala of Goddess Laxmi. 

108 Japa of any Maha Laxmi mantra before wearing the Mala. Like 

ॐ श्री लक्ष्मये नमः  AUM SHRI Laxmaye Namah.

It should specially worn on Fridays.

Size: 7mm Diamond Cut Beads

Mala of 108+1 beads, also used as Japa Mala

Benefits Of Sphatik Mala

  1. If after making a lot of effort you are not getting desired result in your business, profession or job then Sphatik mala helps with success, it gives you desired result.
  2. If there is disharmony in family, then worshipping it on Fridays brings harmony and happiness in family.
  3. It removes poverty and brings prosperity.
  4. It is infused with feminine energy. It is reduces tension and anxiety of mind.
  5. It can also be kept in your locker that is on south side of house or office, please ensure the locker should open towards north. It will bring prosperity and abundance.
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