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What is an Amethyst stone types and benefits

What is an Amethyst stone types and benefits

Popular quartz variety amethyst is prized for its stunning purple hue. Due to its exceptional aesthetic qualities and metaphysical qualities, this semi-precious gemstone has been prized for centuries.

Here are some key characteristics and properties of amethyst:

  1. Color: Amethyst ranges in color from light lavender to deep purple. The most prized and sought-after amethyst has a rich, saturated purple hue.

  2. Crystal System: Amethyst belongs to the trigonal crystal system and has a hexagonal prism structure.

  3. Hardness: According to the Mohs hardness scale, it is a 7—meaning that it is somewhat durable and appropriate for use in jewelry.

  4. Source: Amethyst is found in many different parts of the world, such as Madagascar, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, and Zambia.

  5. Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties: Amethyst is linked to metaphysical and spiritual qualities. It is frequently considered a stone of clarity, spiritual development, and protection. It is thought to possess a tranquil and comforting energy that can support better intuition, relaxation, and meditation. Additionally linked to the crown chakra, amethyst fosters a higher state of consciousness and spiritual connection.

  6. Healing Properties: It is thought that amethyst possesses therapeutic qualities that are advantageous to the body and mind. It is believed to help with insomnia, anxiety, and stress relief. Additionally, it might help maintain emotional equilibrium, clear out negative energy, and encourage calmness and inner peace.

  7. Uses: Amethyst is frequently used in jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. It can also be used as a focal point for altars or crystal grids, as well as for decorative purposes in home décor.

Some of Amethyst Products at our store with details & benefits

Natural 8mm Amethyst Gems Beads Mala

8 mm knotted mala beads in amethyst. A+ quality gem beads. Natural healer amethyst reduces tension, fear, and anxiety. It provides inner peace and healing, balances mood swings, and shields against negative energies. One hundred and eighty-one beads Mala was beautifully packaged in a jute bag and stored in a box.

Amethyst Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

Rudraksha beads and tumbler, amethyst gemstone beads, chakra bracelet. Bracelet with Rudraksha and Amethyst tumbled beads for the crown chakra. Silver-polished copper metal beads with tumbled amethyst and rudraksha beads. Amethyst heals the higher self, enlightens the mind, and imparts wisdom. aids in the pituitary gland, the endocrine system, skin, cancer, blood, and digestion.

Amethyst Pyramid Energy Generator

Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Energy Generators are a powerful tool for harnessing and amplifying energy. Made from the beautiful and spiritual stone, amethyst, these generators have a size of 9 cm X 9 cm X 3 cm, making them perfect for personal use or as a decorative piece in any space. The pyramid shape is known for its ability to amplify energies, and when combined with the properties of amethyst, it becomes a potent tool for promoting calmness, love, and spiritual growth.

Amethyst is also believed to enhance psychic abilities and has numerous health benefits, including boosting immunity and balancing hormones. Whether you're looking to create positive energy in your home or enhance your meditation practice, the Amethyst Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator is a must-have accessory.

Natural Amethyst Tumble

Because it is said to bestow peace, harmony, and improved psychic abilities upon its possessor, a natural amethyst tumble stone is highly valued. With its calming colors, purple quartz is thought to release a soft energy that relaxes the body and mind, which makes it a perfect partner for stress relief and meditation. An amethyst tumble is a potent tool for anyone looking to develop or explore their intuitive abilities. It is believed to heighten psychic awareness and open up a clearer channel for intuitive insights. 

The amethyst can be cleansed and reenergized to retain its energetic potency and make sure it continues to be a channel for peace and clarity by submerging it in naturally flowing water, like a stream or river, or by gently holding it in the soft light of a full moon. This ceremony not only revitalizes the stone but also restates the intention of the user to utilize its meditative and metaphysical qualities.

Amethyst Pencil Pendant with Chain

Amethyst Gemstone Pencil Pendant with Copper Chain

This unisex necklace features an amethyst gemstone cut into the shape of a pencil and attached to a copper chain with silver polish. Amethyst is considered one of the most fortunate stones. It provides excellent protection and has the ability to calm the mind while generating loving emotions. This necklace can assist the wearer with meditation practices and support spiritual growth. Amethyst may also help develop psychic abilities. 

In addition to spiritual benefits, amethyst offers several health advantages. It can boost the immune system and balance hormone production within the endocrine glands. For those who suffer from insomnia, amethyst may help induce sleep. Overall, this necklace combines the esthetic appeal of silver with the holistic properties commonly associated with amethyst gemstones.

Amethyst Dowsing Pendulum

Amethyst Dowsing Pendulum
Size: 42mm X 18mm 6 inches length

Dowsing is a process used to obtain answers to questions that cannot be answered through typical human senses. When all available information has been collected but a decision on a course of action remains unclear, or when questions exist that our normal faculties cannot address, tools like pendulums are employed to discover answers through dowsing. For example, if two options appear equally good or bad and a definitive choice cannot be made, dowsing provides a potential means for resolution. 

Simply focus intentions on the matter at hand and utilize a dowsing tool; the energy from both the tool and the questioner's intentions will reportedly provide guidance toward an answer. Potential responses can be written down, and the pendulum allowed to indicate the proper selection through movements directed by the holder's focused will.

Merkaba Star Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Merkaba Star

This product features a natural amethyst crystal cut into a unique three-dimensional shape known as a merkaba. Measuring approximately 2.5 centimeters, the merkaba shape is comprised of two interlocking pyramids. In various spiritual traditions, the merkaba shape is considered sacred as it represents the body surrounded by light.

Working with merkaba crystals is believed to help heal the aura of both the physical body and spirit. The balanced geometry of the merkaba is thought to harmonize the Yin and Yang energies within one's system. Using an amethyst merkaba crystal may help increase awareness and facilitate a deeper connection to one's higher or spiritual self. 

As amethyst is a crystal commonly associated with reiki healing and aura cleansing, this merkaba-cut specimen could provide benefits such as promoting peace, harmony, and enhanced psychic abilities when incorporated into meditation or energy work practices.

Product Overview:
Item: Natural Amethyst Stone
Dimensions: Approximately 3.1 inches  
Weight: 60 grams

This stone has numerous beneficial properties. It provides protection and helps calm the mind by generating loving emotions. The Amethyst stone aids in meditation practices and cultivates energy for spiritual development. It can also help develop psychic abilities. 

In addition, Amethyst offers several health advantages. It can boost immunity, balance hormone production in the endocrine glands, and help address insomnia issues.

Cleaning and Recharging Instructions:
The Amethyst stone can be cleansed and re-energized by exposing it to full moonlight or by washing it in running water.

Amethyst Gemstone Beads & Tumble, Rudraksha Beads Chakra Bracelet

Amethyst Gemstone Beads & Tumble, Rudraksha Beads Chakra Bracelet

This bracelet features tumbled amethyst gemstone beads as well as rudraksha beads designed to target the crown chakra according to ancient healing traditions. The bracelet utilizes amethyst tumble beads, rudraksha beads, and copper metal beads with a silver polish finish.

Amethyst is reputed to promote cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, and higher wisdom. It also supports the endocrine system and pituitary gland as well as purportedly providing benefits for skin health, certain cancers, blood disorders, and digestion.

Amethyst Light Gemstone Bracelet

This unisex bracelet is made with 8mm amethyst gemstone beads on a strong elastic band. The esthetic incorporates light-colored amethyst gemstones to create a stylish accessory.

Take size, color, and clarity into consideration when selecting an amethyst stone. It's crucial to select an amethyst crystal or gemstone that personally speaks to you because each one has the potential to have a distinct energy.

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